How to Make a Bling (with Plug-In)




Blings add a wonderful effect to your graphic and thought I would write a short

tutorial on how to make one.  This is a short one, that will require a plug-in.


You will need to download Xenofex..This is a free 30 day trial.  You can download

it here


You can download the graphic I used here


Open PSP


1 – In your material palette set your foreground to White and Background to Null


2 -  File – New and open 300 x 300  image


3 -  Open your preset shapes




4 – For my shape, I am choosing the Star



5 – Settings for Star

  setting for star


I always use Create As vector..


Now after you place your star on the canvas and size, convert to Raster.


Now duplicate this 2 times..You will have a total of 3 stars.

I rename my layers..This will avoid confusion.


name layers


Raster 1 is your background layer.


6- Now close out the star 2 and star 3

You do that by clicking on the eye.


close layer


7 – Make sure that you are on the Star 1 layer..You can tell as it will be highlighted.


8  -   Now apply the Xenofex / Constellation using the setting below


xenofex setting


9 -  Close off Star 1 and open Star 2




10 – Apply the Xenofex Constellation, but this time change the random seed to 25


11 – Again, close off Star 2 and Open Star 3.


12 – Apply the Xenofex Constellation again and change the random seed to 35


13 – Now close off all the Star layers. This is what you should have


present screen


14 -  Active Raster 1 (which is your background layer) flood fill with color of your choice


15   Open all layers..


16 – Save as a .pspimage


17 – Open Animation Shop


18 – File – Open and browse to where you saved your image


19 – You should have something like this

You can always check how many frames that are in your image..Look at the bottom bar in AS

as screen 

20 – Make sure that just the first frame is highlighted..See it in blue – Now hit your delete key


21 – Since we made our bling at 300x300, let’s resize that a little.


22 -  Go to Edit – and select all


Your animation should have 3 frames and they should all be highlighted in blue.


23 – Let’s resize now.  Go to Animation – Resize


resize again


24 – I am resizing mine to 150x150.  After resizing, leave the bling open in AS.

screen in as


25  - Now the fun part..We are going to add our bling to a graphic.


26.   While you are still in AS – open the image provided – Wind.


27.   Working on the Wind graphic – edit copy, and edit paste after current current frame.  Edit paste after current frame again.

You should not have the same number of frames as in your bling.


28.  Still working on the Wind graphic – go to Edit and Select All.  All three frames of your Wind graphic should be highlighted in blue.


29.  If you never closed out your bling, this is what you should have in AS.



closed out


30 – Now go to your Bling animation..Make sure that all frames are highlighted.  On the first frame, hold down the left mouse button and drag

to your Moon graphic.  Place where you like.  Unclick and the star should show up in all three frames.


finished graphic


31 -  You can preview what your graphic will look like by clicking on the “filmstrip”


If you are satisfied with your graphic, save as a .gif.


Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make your own blings.





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