Simple Sig Tag Tutorial


This is a tutorial for creating a very basic sig tag. This tutorial is written in PSPX.  

 Supplies:  Garden Tag & Kayleigh Font   
                 Download the zip file here

Tip:  Too many fonts in your Windows folder can slow your system down
        I would suggest that you create a Font folder in My Documents.
        Also, to save your graphics and tubes, I would create a Tubes folder in
        My Documents. 

 1. Unzip the supplies into a folder in My Documents labeled Simple Tag.


2. Move the Kayleigh font to your font folder.  Open and minimize it to your task bar.
   When you leave the font open, it will remain available in PSP until you actually close the
   PSP program. 

3. Open this tutorial and open PSP.  Place your cursor in any open space in the bottom task
    bar  and right click. Select the option, Tile Windows Vertically and the tutorial and PSP
    will be side by side. This is a easy way to work on tutorials.

4.  Open PSP. Go to File/Open and go to the folder that you placed the Garden Tag in
     and open the tag. When the Garden tag is open, hit the Shift D key. This will create
     a  duplicate of the original graphic.  Close the original graphic and keep the copy
     open to work on.

5.   For the font color, I used for the foreground - #4C7b73 and the background #225449






6.   Click on the Foreground – Make sure that the Color Tab is Clicked


    Change the HTML to #4C7b73

7.  Click on the Background – Make sure that the Color Tab is Clicked 

     Change the HTML to #225449

 Tip – To make sure that the color changes you must have the # sign included. 


8. I create all my text by adding a Vector layer. I find that you have more control
   over the placement of the text.  So with that being said – let’s create a new Vector Layer


You can go to the Menu – Select Layers

And New Vector Layer



 9. This is what your Layer Palette found under the materials layer on the right side of you
     screen should look like at this point.



10. Change your font to Kayleigh – Size 48 Pixels.  I have my stroke width set to 1.0

 11. Next click on the Text Tool

 12. The Text tool box will appear – Type the Name that you would like on your tag
       Click Apply


13. After placing the text where you would like it  


You will notice the box around your text . You can use the little square to make your name larger or smaller depending on how many letters in your name and how much space you need.


You might have to use your Mover tool for placement of your Text.  Click on this icon.

 14. After you have your text placed, we are going to add a border. 


Go to your toolbar – Image

Add Borders




You can choose another color for your border – I used #183d35.

To Change the color, click on the color box


Size in Pixels -10


Be sure that Symmetic is checked


Click OK


Wow – you have a completed Sig Tag


15.  Now we want to export it as a .jpeg. Go to File – Export – JPEG Optimizer 

Go to File



JPEG Optimizer


















Set Compression Value to 10


This will also show you how big your file

will be – Mine is 21,167 bytes



Click on Use Wizard



16. Name your tag and save in your My Documents folder.


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I would love to see your results

Please send your results to our group PSPX3.

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